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Site Rules | 站点规则

0: People speaking all languages are welcomed.
0: 我们欢迎说任何一门语言的人。

0-e: However, the site administrator is best at Mandarin Chinese and English. If you would like to contact her and you speak another language other than these two, it is advised to attach a translation in either Mandarin or English to help her understand you better.
0-e: 然而,本站点管理员最善于使用的是汉语(官话)和英语。如果您想联系她,但您讲另一种语言,我们建议您附上一份汉语(官话)或英语的翻译,以便于她更好理解您的意思。

1: You may not perform or promote discrimination or physical or mental harassment towards others.
1: 您不可以实行或倡导歧视,或是对别人之身心伤害。

2: This instance is backed up every day at 6:00 UTC. There may be a short down time (1-2mins) during the backup. The backup will be fetched to the administrator's device every a few days.
2: 本实例每日 UTC 六时备份。届时或有短时间(一至两分钟)下线。备份每隔数日会被拷贝到管理员的设备上。