With an account on tusooa.xyz you'll be able to follow people on any Mastodon server and beyond.

As Mastodon requires an email address to register, and I think that is not a piece of necessary information, registration is now closed. You can contact @tusooa:tusooa.xyz for an account, but be prepared to migrate to another server as I will start an instance that is not Mastodon, somewhere else. -- 鉴于 Mastodon 注册时强行要求邮箱地址,而我认为这并不是必要信息,故现关闭注册。您可以联系 @tusooa:tusooa.xyz 索求一个账号,但请准备好迁移到另一个服务器,因为我准备在别处开启一个不是 Mastodon 的实例。